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Managing an animal laboratory poses many challenges, including training coworkers, projects, and finances, as well as establishing workplace processes that encourage productivity, safety, ethics, and a powerful employee morality. An unskilled person could be overwhelmed and the process for all involved parties could be slowed down. How can one handle several projects, without slowing down the process? The use of ideal animal management software can simplify and speed up a project with an efficiency of about 99 percent.

What really is LAMS?

Laboratory information Management System Software is a complete computerized system for the management and monitoring of animal subjects in a laboratory. By sharing data with its modules, LAMS minimizes data entry and guarantees that your records reflect the needs of many different departments accurately. The system has all the features necessary for running a study center in a customizable and easy-to-use format.

Extremely Helpful

LAMS can be extremely helpful because it streamlines laboratory decision-making. The scheme can be set up to assign tasks to researchers automatically and even recommend which tools should be used based on the present scheme of policies in place. It also specifies which animal or where to pass the sample after you are completed with it.

Fully automating record keeping

Some LAMS can also be used to report, maintain, and manage inventories, fully automating record keeping in the laboratory. The scheme can rapidly determine the length of your sample backlog and how long your laboratory needs to process a sample and which tools your laboratory most frequently uses. It can also record maintenance information on your tools, giving warnings when a tool is to be maintained. This is especially helpful for tools like centrifuges that are extremely easy to worn and has to be maintained in order to provide precise measurements on a periodic basis.

That said, the system suits any animal study facility’s challenging requirements. The full-powered system includes all eight extensive laboratory management modules:

  • Protocol
  • Ordering
  • Billing
  • Animals
  • Veterinary
  • Breeding
  • Reference
  • Cost Accounting

What You need to know before purchasing LAMS

We are in the age of fast software development; you have all sort of soft ware’s being littered everywhere on the internet. One must be wary when looking to purchasing soft ware’s as there are specific features to be taken into account and this same rule is very much applicable when acquiring laboratory animal management soft wares. Here are the basic features to have in mind;

  1. Easy design to ensure customer compatibility and adaptability to altering laboratory requirements. 
  2. Seamless sample life cycle tracking for continuing sample disposal, from sample accession, stocking and sample testing. 
  3. A user-friendly interface based on access privileges with access to several modules. 
  4. Flexible integration facility for easy exchange of data from LIMS to other instruments. 

Recommend Laboratory Animal management software

If you work in a tiny scope or use a few protocols StudyLog would be the ideal animal management system design you may need. It is a strong instrument for automating the scheduling, acquisition, evaluation, reporting, and storage of animal research studies in study laboratories of every size.
Many report that without extra employees, they can double the amount of research undertaken and also speed up next step planning.

Studylog is widely used by scholarly laboratories, domestic cancer institutes, and seven of the top ten pharmaceutical firms and many CROs. It can operate on a single laboratory computer, and on hundreds of PCs globally at various locations.


They introduce software, configure laboratory devices, connected to your managed dictionaries and allow you to run research within days.


To automate time-consuming duties and integrate with your current databases, they customize characteristics, workflows, and report outputs as well


Their employees offer extensive training, centered on the requirements of your team, while meeting continuing schedules for laboratory jobs.


Application of Laboratory Animal Management Software improves the effectiveness of any operation in an animal laboratory. It saves time for manual logging and maintenance of data, offering an efficient information management solution. This leads to a decrease in human errors and a more accurate system of data to support various decisions. It also has a route that automatically reduces the manual audit time. In addition, when handling big quantities of data requiring batch analysis and repetitive daily tasks, a LAMS is most helpful. It also involves various compliance levels and helps laboratories maintain regulatory, safety and privacy levels. Considering the tips for buying a quality LAM? You can now take a step further and get one here..

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