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Welcome to a great place for Grand Canyon vacations info. Grand Canyon National Park is one of the places in this world that everyone should visit at least once. There are vacation and sightseeing options for any taste or length of stay. Bus and helicopter tours are popular, and visitors can even ride a mule to the bottom of the canyon. But maybe the best option is to rely on your own two feet. There are scenic vistas around every bend, and adventure awaits all who make the trip. Find us on Facebook

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

An alternative to the congested South Rim is the area of Grand Canyon West which is home to the Skywalk. It's a good day tour from Vegas if you want to avoid the crowds at the South Rim. Make plans for spring or fall, when it's not so hot.

Grand Canyon Travel Planning
You may live close enough to drive to the Canyon, but most people catch a flight to Phoenix or Vegas and drive or catch a tour from there. Whether you're flying or driving, Grand Canyon vacations take a lot of planning. Here's where to find maps, travel routes and information on getting there. Use these resources to plan your visit. You can travel to the Grand Canyon winter or summer depending on your mood and budget, so click the link above to explore the possibilities.

Grand Canyon Lodging
The Grand Canyon area has many and varied lodging options. Inside the park rooms are on the high side, but still affordable, which makes them a popular choice. You'll have to make reservations early to get a room on the rim. Outside the park there are plenty of rooms in Tusayun, just outside the south rim entrance. The prices are similar to what you'll pay inside the park, but you can get a room with much shorter notice. Low priced hotels in Flagstaff and Williams offer good value if you don't mind a little drive to the Park. You'll find north rim lodging info here too. Whether you want to stay in a luxury hotel or at the bottom of the Canyon in a bunkhouse, this is where you'll find lodging information. Visit the link above to learn more.

Grand Canyon Hikes
Maybe the most popular activity during Grand Canyon vacations are the hikes. The rims have easy scenic trails for folks of every ability. For a different view of the Canyon, there are many trails that probe the depths. You can hike rim to rim if you're up to it, or take a challenging day hike down a few miles into the interior. See this page for info on the trails of the south rim, as well as those that head down into the gorge.

Grand Canyon Mule Rides
Winter or summer, Grand Canyon mule rides are one of the best ways to see the Canyon. Read a description of the South Rim ride and get booking information for both north and south rim rides.

Grand Canyon Tours
There are many tours available to see the Grand Canyon. These include airplane or helicopter tours, the Grand Canyon train and even a glass-bottomed Skywalk jutting out over the Canyon. You'll find bus and air tours that leave from Las Vegas or Phoenix so you can get a look at the Canyon on a long weekend. Papillon always has some money-saving specials.The Grand Canyon Railway steams from Williams, Arizona for a fun and unique look at the landscape on the way to your destination. Many more tours depart from the area in and around Grand Canyon Village, including the Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayun, only 1 mile from the South Rim entrance. You can even take a Grand Canyon tour from Sedona or Flagstaff, they're not far away and offer much to see on their own.

Grand Canyon Rafting
Rafting is one of the most popular tours available for Grand Canyon vacations. There are many different choices of rafting trips from 1 day to 2 weeks. This is a great way to see a different perspective of the Canyon. You can float in calm waters or go crashing through ice-cold rapids. Go to this page to see your rafting options, and to read some descriptions of the boats that are used for different types of rafting trips.

About the Grand Canyon
If you are looking for pictures or weather information this is the place to go. You can view a satellite photo or read about Grand Canyon geology. Learn history and and lore, or just see some great scenic views.

Grand Canyon Village
Grand Canyon Village is the busy hub of human activity at the Canyon. Whether you want to stay at the famous El Tovar Hotel, eat at the Bright Angel Restaurant or just shop for souvenirs, Grand Canyon Village has what you need.

Grand Canyon Area
Montezuma Castle is a popular stop on the way north from Phoenix. Drive a bit west to the Hualapai Reservation and you can walk on a glass bottomed bridge suspended 4000 feet above the canyon floor, or explore Grand Canyon Caverns. Ancient ruins, a volcano and a massive crater are all within driving distance, and Flagstaff is the home of Lowell Observatory, where Pluto was discovered.

Grand Canyon Mystery and Legend
Lost cities, Indian legends and mystery caves. These things aren't a part of most Grand Canyon vacations, but if you want a little different take on the Canyon, have a look.

Visit the "Hit the Trail" website for information on hiking Grand Canyon vacations.




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